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A holistic approach to your financial goals

Our approach is custom-tailored to your specific situation and needs and we work with you as your Partners in your WEALTH MAP®
bespoke financial planning

When it comes to your financial future, it’s important to have a WEALTH MAP

RBA Financial is a wealth advisory firm. We provide an integrated full-service approach. That means we take what we call a “deep dive”: bringing together all of the pieces of your financial picture and optimizing it so that you maximize risk adjusted returns, minimize your taxable income, and protect your legacy.







RBA Financial Group
We get to know our clients

Unbiased, personalized guidance

We use an active, hands-on approach that takes into account how changing one element of your finances affects other aspects. That is how we identify the optimum way to get the best overall results, whether it involves capital gains harvesting, RIF de-cumulation, optimizing your RRSP contributions, shifting taxable assets to reduce effects of tax, mining your marginal tax rate to your advantage or establishing a charitable giving plan.
an integrated full-service approach

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To Achieve Your Goals, You Need a MAP. We use a proven process that will help you make clear and rational investment decisions.

Financial Planning

Financial plans are regularly reviewed and optimized by our team in order to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.


Life, disability, critical illness, long-term care, and other forms of insurance are a key element of a solid financial plan.
RBA Financial Group
Your Financial Partners
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Todd's Take

Market-Based Stress Receding

Market-Based Stress Receding

Over the past six weeks, markets have been on a recovery rally and market-based stress is receding, but the reality of the uncertainty of the economic impact still lingers.

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