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My wife and I have been with RBA Financial since 1995. We have developed a great partnership with all of the staff at RBA. We appreciate their attention to every detail and keeping us ‘in the loop’ regarding our financial decisions. They are very responsive to any questions we have and keep us informed. We highly recommend their services.
Client since 1995
Success in any business relies on a multitude of attributes, not least relationship building, core competence and reliability. These we have found to be the cornerstone of RBA’s philosophy in the 25 years of association with the group, during which time we have been at peace with the knowledge that our financial future and well-being is in very good hands.
Client since 1994
I'm pleased to recognize RBA and especially Todd Campbell, I started with the company doing my Tax Fillings and after a few years realized that I was listening to the wrong financial advisors. I have placed my whole portfolio in Todd's hands for over 25 years. I have never worked with anyone that has his ability to make investments understandable, logical and profitable
Client since 1998
Over the past few years, I have had nothing but positive dealings with Todd Campbell and his RBA team. We have had at least two scheduled meeting per year, and they were always available to answer any questions I may have had concerning my future investments or financial tax planning, Any ideas I may have had were always listened to and taken into consideration. I have been extremely happy with this RBA team.
Client since 2016
I have worked with RBA for a lot of years now and am very happy with the results.  It is good to have someone with an unbiased opinion making decisions on my portfolio.  The staff is very helpful and supportive.  I am very happy I went from doing my own trading to having the help RBA provides.
Client since 1997
I have been a client of RBA Financial for 12 years and have complete trust in their management of my investment portfolio. Clients are always kept up to date and give you the sense of total confidence in everything they do.
Client since 2011
I have been a client of RBA since 2006. I moved my portfolio to RBA as I was unhappy with the level of service and the products that my previous financial institute was promoting and while my portfolio was shrinking. What impressed me from the onset is RBA put together a personalized financial plan based on my requirements and goals and tolerance for risk. Over the 17 years in being an RBA client, there have been a lot of changes and growth under the vision of Todd Campbell and his dedicated Team. Under the RBA umbrella, they handle my portfolio, my RRSP contributions and my Income Tax Returns and Investment of other Monies that I add. Throughout the years, no matter what the market is doing, I am advised on the changes that we should make in a pro-active fashion and the options for consideration. I recently retired so my plan has changed again. I have the confidence that I will be OK in the future. In 2006 I lived in Collingwood ON and in 2015 I moved to Vancouver Island. I have the same level of excellent service I had while being local.  Primarily I deal primarily with Todd Campbell and Heather Acres; however, everyone on the team are a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend RBA Financial.
Client since 2006

We have been clients with RBA for over 25 years. Todd, Heather, and the rest of the very competent Meaford RBA team respond promptly to any phone calls or emails from us. They are thorough and conscientious in their attention to detail on any documentation and have helped us navigate the transition to electronic forms. We appreciate the staff’s professional yet casual and friendly manner each time we interact with them.

As our financial advisor over all these years, Todd has given us new and creative recommendations consistent with our goals, values, and stage of life, regarding tax planning, short- and longer-term financial planning, and estate planning

We appreciate having RBA/Meaford supporting and advising us in 'all things' financial.

Client since 1998
As a court appointed Guardian for a family member, it was important for me to work with a financial advisor who understood my role and was able to manage assets both responsibly and respectfully. This has been my experience with RBA Financial Group for the last 10 years. The average rate of return on investments has been consistently healthy during this time which speaks to the level of expertise provided. I have found every single staff member to be warm, personable and professional. I do not hesitate to give RBA Financial Group my highest recommendation.
Client since 2010
We have been clients of Todd and his team at the RBA Financial Group in excess of ten (10) years. The personalized professional services we have experienced have very much reflected our specific short and long-term goals. Todd is pragmatic in the identification of financial management strategies for us, reflecting his knowledge and understanding of our requirements. We have been provided with sound financial advice and guidance and are very confident in the integrity of the services. 
Client since 2012
I have been a client of RBA Financial for 12 years and have complete trust in their management of my investment portfolio. Clients are always kept up to date and give you the sense of total confidence in everything they do.
Client since 2011

What we love is that Todd is a successful entrepreneur outside of the investment landscape as well as inside. This brings a rich perspective to challenges your clients may have. Recently I was mulling over some financial issues and was not sleeping well. After consultation with Todd, my concerns were put into perspective, and I was able to sleep wonderfully. What was shared made sense, coupled with easy-to-understand strategies. Above the financial concern, the optics for the rest of the family on any allocation of funds to one family member in advance of others was addressed and attention to detail most appreciated. Also, strategies were discussed on how to ensure long term financial security for the family unit while keeping in mind financial security of a longer living family member, something that had not been addressed with past financial advisors. After being with a banking investment advisor and then joining RBA, it became clear that their hands are tied in many ways. We love that the RBA team have an open scope on investment strategies.

The Dalai Lama says unequivocally that happiness is the goal of life and your guidance has helped us meet this goal by allowing us to live our best life with financial security well into our future. Simply put, the mistake we made was not join the RBA fold much sooner. As you know, our friends who are your clients are ecstatic about the return and support given by you, a feeling we share. Todd and the RBA team have the ability to give peace of mind, so important when dealing with one’s livelihood.

Client since 2020
Client Testimonials

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