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Achieving your financial and lifestyle goals

Financial Planning

Our Three-Part Strategy

Most of our clients have some investing experience. Many have an idea of what they want their retirement lifestyle to look like. They understand the value of a solid financial plan, but want to work with a team that takes a more active approach, one that will ensure their plan is regularly reviewed and optimized.
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We get to know you to ensure we fully understand your goals.

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We work closely with you to create and implement a custom strategy that fits your style and time horizon.

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We monitor your plan and work with you to adjust and optimize so that you stay on track. This ongoing optimization of your plan is what sets RBA Financial Group apart.

Creating Your Financial Plan

Factors we take into consideration.
Financial Planning - RBA Income planning

Income Planning

How much will you need to comfortably maintain your lifestyle at retirement?

Financial Planning - RBA Tax Planning

Tax Planning

How can you minimize the effects of taxation on your retirement income?

RBA Time Horizon

Time Horizon

How many years do you have before your planned retirement?

Financial Planning - RBA Estate Transfer Criteria

Estate Transfer Criteria

How will you pass your assets on to family members and in what form?

RBA Charity

Charitable Bequests

Do you want to make any charitable bequests and realize the tax benefits prior to death?

With our exceptional product knowledge and expertise, we’ll help you choose the right investment vehicles to maximize your returns.

Investment products are provided through Aligned Capital Partners Inc.

Tax Planning

RBA Financial Group offers income tax return preparation services for our wealth-management clients, which is our only fee-for-service offering.
Financial Planning Tax

Our team includes a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) who oversees the tax preparation. We’ll review your personal tax situation and help identify the best tax-minimization strategies.

We also provide audit assistance for new tax clients and often find missed deductions or credits you should have received. These deductions or credits are not lost. All you need to do is file an adjustment, which we can do for you.

We offer income tax return preparation services at our Meaford, Markdale and Wasaga Beach locations.

Estate Planning

Making the Most of Your Legacy

Estate planning is a key element of a comprehensive financial plan because it ensures your family is cared for and supported after you’re gone.

An estate plan must continually evolve over a lifetime. It starts with building an estate during early adulthood and providing support for one’s family over a long period of time in case of premature death. As individuals age and leave the workforce, the plan changes to focus on the transfer of accumulated wealth to loved ones while minimizing estate taxes.

Common Estate Planning Objectives

  • Ensure that surviving family members will maintain their current standard of living
  • Provide for the continued care of a disabled child or dependent parent
  • Provide sufficient capital to fund future needs for a child or grandchild
  • Pass on a family business or treasured property
  • Make a charitable bequest
  • Minimize taxation and probate fees upon death
  • Equalize bequests to children or grandchildren
Personalized Financial Guidance
Once we get to know you and have a clear understanding of your objectives, we will be able to identify various strategies and help you implement them to achieve your estate objectives.

The key to estate planning is thorough documentation and review. As your life evolves and circumstances change, it’s essential to review your estate plan, including your power of attorney and will. Our team can assist you with the review process, and if you do not already have a lawyer, we can refer you to one to make the necessary changes to your will or power of attorney.

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